Anonymous asked:
I'm a guy and I have two orgasms during masterbation... Is that bad?

Not at all

Anonymous asked:
plz tell me how can you tell if a girl is a virgin without having sex with her?

You could ask her…? I don’t know if you would be able to tell

Anonymous asked:
when I masturbate I mainly rub my clit and then when I'm about to squirt I don't stop but I hold it in. but for future reference. do guys think its weird for girls to squirt??

It’s not weird at all, I can’t speak for all guys cause we all have our preferences but typically they do like it

Anonymous asked:
hey so im a teenage girl and I've been watching a lot of porn recently so I just saw that we went over our monthly GBs for the Internet and im scared my parents will look at our usage and find out its me (porn is v frowned upon w my parents). will they know it came from my phone/ipod???, what should I do if they find out?

Porn shouldn’t be stressful and possibly cause problems with your fam n shit it’s not worth the trouble. Just avoid a situation where you could possibly get caught lol

Anonymous asked:
if a girl is sneaky? should you trust her?

Trust nobody.

Anonymous asked:
Same girl here haha we decided that we would just have a summer thing... But I mean I guess he's just a horny boy haha

Lool well If you okay with it then hey do you 😊

Anonymous asked:
how can you tell if a girl is a hoe?

Can you really?

Anonymous asked:
Hi I'm the person that asked about cuddling with a friend that got pretty intense... Well I asked him what it meant to him and he said "it was nice and fun..." What the hell does that mean? Hahaha like I get he was horny because I was too...

Lol well shit I have no idea; you seem pretty chill about his reaction to it all tho

Anonymous asked:
Is a 6 inch penis small, big, or average?

It’s a good size

Have you ever thought about being with a girl?

Many times, I’ve just never been attracted to a girl like sexually or emotionally