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Hey this is the guy who likes guys and girls but not sex. I've actually tried sex with both, separately and at the same time. And it's all terrible. Is there something wrong with me, like should I see a specialist or something? Lol

😅 honestly I’m trying to just pin point what it is specifically about the interaction you don’t like. I feel like if you feel it’s a real issue lmao I really don’t know friend

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What should I do if I want to finger my girlfriend?

Put your finger inside her, specifically caress her g-spot while you kiss her. It might happen that shel direct you to the right places when she moves her body while you’re inside her as well. Idk just have fun with it lol

Anonymous asked:
So me and my boyfriend just started having sex and we've been trying stuff out. In a very insecure person and I actually get sort of uncomfortable when we do certain things because I feel like I'm either gonna gross him or or scare him away, and today he told me he wants me to sit on his face and I got scared, so basically I'm not sure how to do this and needed help and you seemed like the best option, please help me!

If you take care of yourself down there, there’s nothing you should be worried about. This man wants to be smothered, clearly he finds you attractive lol don’t let your insecurities prevent you from opening up in the bedroom. If it’s really a concern, I always suggest talking to him about it, you’ll realize it’s not even something you’ll think about in the moment. Good luck 😊

Anonymous asked:
So it's normal to like eating your bf's ass??

I hate the word normal. What’s normal is your relationship might not be for the next. Whatever makes both of you happy should be the norm :)

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Hey could you post some gay porn please?









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I really love eating my boyfriends ass. I'm a girl. Is that weird??? I looove when he eats my ass too.


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