Anonymous asked:
if a girl is sneaky? should you trust her?

Trust nobody.

Anonymous asked:
Same girl here haha we decided that we would just have a summer thing... But I mean I guess he's just a horny boy haha

Lool well If you okay with it then hey do you 😊

Anonymous asked:
how can you tell if a girl is a hoe?

Can you really?

Anonymous asked:
Hi I'm the person that asked about cuddling with a friend that got pretty intense... Well I asked him what it meant to him and he said "it was nice and fun..." What the hell does that mean? Hahaha like I get he was horny because I was too...

Lol well shit I have no idea; you seem pretty chill about his reaction to it all tho

Anonymous asked:
Is a 6 inch penis small, big, or average?

It’s a good size

Have you ever thought about being with a girl?

Many times, I’ve just never been attracted to a girl like sexually or emotionally

Anonymous asked:
Hi. I'm 17 and I have never been with anybody. I feel really insecure about myself because my friends already have been in couple. I'm worried by the fact that nobody has ever told me I was attractive or anything (the worst is that during all the time I was in highschool people kept criticizing me about my body, telling me I was ugly and that kind of stuff). What would you advise me to feel better about myself/gain confidence ? Sorry, I'm certainly being annoying :/

Don’t expect people to validate you. There is nothing a relationship will do for you that you can’t do for yourself at this point. I still struggle with this too it’s not easy accepting or telling yourself you’re attractive, but don’t waste your youth looking for a approval else where. And thank you for asking love x

Anonymous asked:
I'd pound your ass so rough.

Lol uh thank you? … Thank you 😄

Anonymous asked:
Hey. I've had my First time a few months ago , but it wasnt real sex, he couldnt get in cause it hurt too much. I wasnt that wet so i stopped it, but im afraid of the next time cause it hurt really Bad. Plus i dont know if im still a virgin now.. Sorry for this Strange question but i am so fucking desperate cause i want to have sex, like i masturbate every Day.. Thank you x

Lol well have sex when you’re ready, not when you’re desperate that way you’re prepared for the experience. It gets better, I’m sure next time will be more enjoyable if you’re aroused 😊

I love your blog!

True 😅 thank you!